Everything you need to know before you come


What are the opening hours of the experience?

The experience will be open from May 1st to November 3rd
From Monday to Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
*First experience access at 10:30 a.m.
*Last experience access at 7:00 p.m.

How much time do I need to visit?

The visit to the experience lasts approximately 30-40 minutes.

Is there a minimum age for the experience?

Entry to the venue is allowed to all audiences, but following virtual reality safety recommendations, the minimum age to enjoy the full experience is 6 years.

How far in advance should I arrive?

It is not necessary to arrive in advance, but it is necessary to arrive within the time allotted for the visit in order to guarantee access.

Is the space suitable for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility?

One of the main objectives of this project was to maintain the original structure of Castell de Lloret as an emblem of the town, which made it impossible for us to make the experience accessible to people with reduced mobility. The bar and terrace areas have been made accessible.

If I wear glasses, will I be able to wear VR goggles?

Virtual reality goggles can be worn on top of the vision goggles.

Can minors enter unaccompanied?

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets at our box office or at the following link: tickets.castelldelloret.com

Do I need to buy tickets in advance?

We recommend you to buy your ticket in advance on our website to secure your seat on the day and at the time you want.

Can I buy tickets without a visiting time?

We do not have the option of buying tickets without a visit time. It is preferable to buy a gift voucher if you have not decided on the exact day and time.

Can I cancel my tickets after I have purchased them?

Once the ticket has been purchased, no changes or refunds will be accepted. Only in the event that, due to exceptional circumstances, the experience has to close its doors and make the visit impossible, the date of the visit will be changed or the affected tickets will be refunded.

Can I bring the tickets on my mobile phone or tablet?

It is preferable to carry tickets on any digital media on which the barcode is correctly displayed.

I bought a ticket online and I haven't received the confirmation email, what should I do?

First of all, check that it has not been retained in the Spam folder of your email. If you have not received the email, you can contact us at administracion@castelldelloret.com with the following details:
- Name and email with which you made the booking
- Number of tickets purchased
- Date and time of the selected visit


Is it necessary to make a reservation for a group visit?

For groups up to 16 people, tickets can be purchased online. For larger groups we recommend booking by email to administracion@castelldelloret.com in order to guarantee a time slot for the whole group.

Are there any free group rates?

For every 20 school pupils, one teacher has free admission.

Does the group need to arrive well in advance?

It is not necessary to arrive in advance, but it is necessary to arrive within the time allotted for the visit in order to guarantee access.


I want to book the space to organise an event, what can I do?

We offer our space for all kinds of events and activities. For more information we invite you to consult it here